What will you automate in your business? Are you struggling with automation? What could possibly take your busiess to the next level? Then this article is for you.

As a business enabler expert my clients often asked how they can either get or better use tools to grow their business

It’s one thing to have great tools, but growth is only possible when you combined tools with  proven strategies

Here is how ...

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You need Tools that can

  • Target, attract interest and collect leads:
    • If you sell to EVERYONE you sell to NO ONE, have you heard this before? Instead you need to narrow down your focus and Target your customers. The right tools will help you achieving  more effective (focused) marketing messages and effectively find prospects you desire.
    • how do you Attract then their interest? Turn prospect into hot leads? How do you get noticed?  If you don't have automated process in place. 
    • Now that you have automated ways to Target and Attract their INTEREST… How will you collect LEADS?
      Putting up a simple web form you would think ...but without strategy…it’s just a web form. You need to go one step further…The key is to give them something helpful. Offer valuable information, insights, tips in exchange for contact info so you can follow up. Give and you shall receive! Why not doing it automatically?

  • Educate, offer and close:
    • As you build out your content strategy; consider how your message serves your target customer’s basic, psychological or self-fulfillment needs. Then, have the tools to build and publish  content via personalised emails, blogs, social networks or other communication platform that meets those needs.
    • To determine when to provide an offer you have to understand your target customer’s buying process. The best way to do this is to observe past customers actions and create a buying process map using past customer purchase behaviors. Then, match your sales process to their buying process. Would you do that manually?
    • Closing the sale isn’t just an exchange of money. It’s about excellence in delivery, great communication and establishing a lasting relationship… How do you ensure “Sales Excellence”? Easy payment processing and written documentation, right? Automation is key.

  • Deliver and WOW, offer more and get referals:
    • Not only deliver but deliver with WOW. Go above an beyond to earn your customer’s loyalty and this shouldn't have to cost a fortune.
    • Build an atomated sales funnel, to offer more to your customers. Determining what to offer and when to offer it involves a bit of strategy. Have you heard about Cross-selling and up-selling?
    • And last, but not least… tools to ask for Referrals. Do you think that can be possible?


Jorge De Andrade, Small Business Wizard

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